Conference Publication: Studia Sociologia, June 2013

CONSIRT guest edited the June 2013 issue of Studia Sociologia: Nationalism and Identity in Cross-National Perspective.  This special issue extends the scientific dialog begun at the 2012 CONSIRT conference and workshop, “Nationalism and Conflict: Interdisciplinary Methodological Approaches.”

Studia Sociologia

June 2013


Guest Editors: Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, Joshua K. Dubrow and Kazimierz M. Slomczynski, Cross-National Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program (CONSIRT) of The Ohio State University and the Polish Academy of Sciences

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Studia Sociologia June 2013: About the Contributing Authors

IRINA TOMESCU-DUBROW, JOSHUA K. DUBROW, KAZIMIERZ M. SLOMCZYNSKI, Guest Editors’ Foreword for the Special Issue on “Nationalism and Identity in Cross-National Perspective”
pp. 5 – 8  Abstract and Full Text HTML    Download PDF Article 

PAOLO SEGATTI AND SIMONA GUGLIELMI, National Minority and Acceptance of Minority Right by the Majority: The Case of Slovenians in Italy
pp. 9 – 20  Abstract    Download PDF Article 

DOROTA WORONIECKA-KRZYŻANOWSKA, Identity and Place in Extended Exile: The Case of a Palestinian Refugee City-Camp
pp. 21 – 38  Abstract    Download PDF Article 

KATARZYNA ANDREJUK, Muslim Immigration and its Influence on the Redefinition of Nationhood in Germany
pp. 39 – 54  Abstract    Download PDF Article

CAROLYN SMITH KELLER, Elite Attitudes, Mass Nationalism and European Integration: A Multi-Level Approach
pp. 55 – 68  Abstract    Download PDF Article

RADOSVETA DIMITROVA, CARMEN BUZEA, VANJA LJUJIC, VENZISLAV JORDANOV, The Influence of Nationalism and National Identity on WellBeing of Bulgarian and Romanian Youth
pp. 69 – 86  Abstract    Download PDF Article 

VALÉR VERES, National Attitudes of Ethnic Hungarians from Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and Ukraine: A Comparative Perspective
pp. 87 – 112  Abstract    Download PDF Article 

Opinion Pieces on Nationalism and Identity in Cross-national Perspective

JOHN MUELLER, Did History End? Democracy, Capitalism, Nationalism, Religion, War, and Boredom Since 1989
pp. 115 – 118  Abstract and Full Text HTML   Download PDF Article

ROBERT M. KUNOVICH, The Importance of Contexts: Multiple Units of Analysis in Cross-National Research
pp. 119 – 122  Abstract and Full Text HTML   Download PDF Article 

SANDRA T. MARQUART-PYATT, Challenges and Directions for Future Scholarship on National Identity and Citizenship: Methodological Considerations
pp. 123  – 126  Abstract and Full Text HTML    Download PDF Article