About Warsaw and Hotels

Warsaw, the capital of the Republic of Poland, covers an area of 517.24 square kilometers (199.96 square miles), and has a population of 1.7 million, as well as: 63 museums, 76 parks, 28 cinemas, 56 theaters and musical stablishments, 24 tram lines, 249 bus lines, 1.5 metro line, 275 km of bike trails and 70 hotels.*

For more information on hotels, and their location in relation to Staszic Palace (the conference and workshop venue), see Hotels.

For a map of important places for conference and workshop participants click here.

For a printable map of restaurants and other lunch places around the conference venue, see here.

For practical and other information about Warsaw see the Field guide A-Z.

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* Source: Warsaw by Numbers, UMWarszawa.pl; Internetowa Ewidencja Obiektów Hotelarskich, [Internet Hotel Register], turystyka.gov.pl .